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Date: 2008-12-29 00:00:00Written By Wisher

LED lighting applications require attention to several issues

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LED light source is widely used in lighting the field of lighting in the history of mankind will be a revolution in lighting is now used in the field of LED lighting products that are more, such as LED guardrail lamps, LED lawn lamp, LED lighting, LED underwater lights, LED buried light and so on. The reason why more and more widely applied with the advantages of LED light source itself are inseparable. LED light source of the energy-saving, long life, non-radiation (green light), etc., we should have a better understanding, the following LED products with the number of issues.

Should be used constant current DC power supply

        Some manufacturers of products in order to reduce the cost of the use of "RC-step-down" approach to the power supply LED products, which will directly affect the life span of LED products. The use of dedicated power switch (preferably a constant current source) to power on LED products will not affect the service life of products, but relatively high product cost.

Need to do a good job in anti-static measures

         LED products in the process of production to the use of certain anti-static measures, such as: table to ground, the workers wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, as well as with anti-static gloves, etc., conditions that can be installed anti-static ionic fan, but also to ensure that the workshop in 65% humidity, the air is too dry to avoid static electricity, especially the green LED is relatively more easily damaged by static electricity. In addition, the different quality of the LED is not the same as anti-static capacity, high quality LED some better anti-static ability.

Should pay attention to LED temperature resistance will become smaller

        When, after the external environment temperature, LED light source will reduce the resistance, the use of regulated power supply LED power supply will cause increased current, when more than its rated current, it will affect the service life of LED products, will be serious LED light source so that "burn" and therefore the best choice of constant current source power supply to ensure that the work of LED current from the outside temperature.

Sealed LED products

       Whatever LED products, as long as used outdoors, are faced with waterproof, moisture-proof seal, if not properly handled will directly affect the service life of LED products. There are a small number of quality requirements of product manufacturers relatively high epoxy resin using the traditional "water" approach to the sealed LED products, this method is more troublesome, for larger LED products (such as LED guardrail lamps) not very appropriate, may also result in increasing the weight of products.

LED guardrail light control technology

       LED guardrail lamps currently the most widely used control technique is the "Serial Communication" means (to the main agreement DXM512). The merit of each light barrier without a specific "code" is free to exchange between each to facilitate the installation of production and engineering. But its biggest drawback is that once there is a damaged, it will directly affect their lights behind all the parapet, as in the single lane highway vehicles, if there is a car "broke down", will result in all the car behind can not be normal operation. For a few hundred or even several kilometers of the barrier lamp works, due to external factors and the quality of the product itself and other factors, it is difficult to ensure that every light barrier is not a problem, it is likely to result in "paralysis of traffic congestion" phenomenon.

       In addition, under the current market good or bad the quality of LED light sources vary widely, not only good quality LED light source of high brightness, light is also a small decline, anti-static ability, and will determine its long life, but its cheaper price The LED light source to be several times higher. We will often see some LED lighting project, the start is very beautiful, but will soon be "fragmented", and some project delays and even hand over a completed project. Manufacturers and users, therefore the price will not "fighting." Selection of quality LED light source technology to take effective measures to ensure the quality of LED products is the way out.


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