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* Each product has different specifications and shapes,please specify your details,also we provide OEM service.
Product name:More customized solar lawn light
Model No.:customized
Specification:solar energy
Payment term:T/T,W/U,L/C,Paypal
Best Price:Inquiring
Brief:Ask for price list about More customized solar lawn light


Power source: Order W

Lawn for lawn surrounding lighting, are also important landscape features. With its unique design and soft lighting for the added security of urban green space and beautiful scenery, and easy to install, decorative, and can be used for parks, gardens, villas and other lawn and walking around the street, parking lots, squares and other places. Use 5W or 45W energy-saving lamps, spaced 6 to 10 meters is appropriate. Some lawn is made of unique plants and other small animals or simulation modeling, placed in the lawn, as if the sculpture as beautiful.


Features: model image, vivid, decorative lawn landscape lighting for the

Material: Lamp body is aluminum, acrylic cover for the shade, fastener screws, nuts stainless steel (exposed).

Technical parameters: solar panels: monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon

Solar panels power: 2W-3W

Control system: overcharge and over discharge, light control when the control

Lighting time: ≥ 8 小时

Green areas, gardens, leisure venues and other lighting.

Can be customized according to project needs!

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