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Product name:solar flower light W-112
Model No.:W-112
Specification:solar energy
Payment term:T/T,W/U,L/C,Paypal
Best Price:Inquiring
Brief:solar flower light



Green energy: solar lamps Ethernet sun as an energy, the solar energy into electrical energy converted into light energy saving, environmental protection.

Use security: most of the DC solar photovoltaic lighting low voltage (<24V) independent power system, the voltage is the voltage of human security, in line with national standards for safe use of electricity.


Trees near the solar lamps solar lamps shall not affect the lighting, when the block of trees in a timely manner when to prune.
Solar lamps set in the tall block in front of prohibited materials, so as not to affect the solar lamps lighting.

This product can make your garden is full of elegant mood, if placed on the balcony in the house, also allows room warm and cozy.

Solar Tulip received after this section, pull out the petals below the pole, see switch, click. Then plug in lamps, placed in the sunlight can.

If the local environment, poor, dusty, please keep the solar film photosensitive surface clean, so as to maximize efficiency.

This section solar lawn technical parameters:

Source: a condenser-type ultra-high brightness white LED brightness 13000-15000mcd (life 100,000 hours)

Solar panels: monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon voltage imported German 2V / current 40MAH solar panels (15-year life)

Battery: 1 2 / 3 "AA" 600mah Ni-MH rechargeable battery (life of 3 years, continue to use replaceable batteries)

Material: ABS plastic

Product Dimensions: Base diameter 6.5 cm total height of 47 cm light

Protection: IP44

(Dust Level 4: Prevention of diameter greater than 1.0MM of mosquitoes, insect or object intrusion)

(Water Level 4: to prevent rain or vertical angle of less than 50 degrees into the direction of the splash of water)


Light Colors: purple, yellow, red.

Product Dimensions: Base diameter 6.5 cm total height of 47 cm light

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