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Product name:Solar street light WR-102
Model No.:WR-102
Specification:solar energy
Payment term:T/T,W/U,L/C,Paypal
Best Price:Inquiring
Brief:Solar street light WR-102


Name: Solar street light

1.LED light source: 18W-120W, DC12V30W, high-power 1W / tablets, U.S. imports Puri chip 110LM / W life of 50,000 hours, warranty Sannian, (Built-in automatic identification of energy-saving half-power constant-current system, two quality years);

2 Pole height: 6 m -12 m

3 solar panels: 54W-360W, 17.5V 80W polycrystalline One block, the conversion rate of 17% or more, life expectancy more than 25 years, five-year warranty;

4. Battery: 65AH-500AH, maintenance-free solar energy gel lead-acid batteries 12V 38AH One block of life 5-7 years warranty Sannian;

5 lights controllers: special solar street light controller 12V10A, overcharge and over discharge, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection against lightning, light control to open, open light control + time control, quality assurance Sannian;

6 hours :10-12 hours (four hours prior to full power, half power after 4 hours of work), last 3-5 rainy days;




Here are some of its specific features:


(A): 5-12 meters from the ground source.

(B): low pressure sodium light source or LED.

(C): monocrystalline silicon solar cells with high conversion of solar batteries. Batteries, solar panels, according to the specific requirements of the development.

(D): time for more than 2200 hours of sunshine the area.

(E): poles for high-quality steel, hot dip galvanized after spray after treatment.


The system consists of: solar panels, controller, battery, LED light fixtures, poles, etc. Can be widely used in highway, State Road, the level of roads, streets, campuses, industrial parks and rural areas, according to engineering, can also be applied to city streets, parks, building lighting and landscaping of the landscape project.

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